Traveling with his cat – A guy is willing to quit his job and sell everything

Guy Quits Job and Sells Everything He Owns Just to Travel With His Cat

Traveling with your dog or cat is probably the last thing that comes to your mind, because you have a job and a lot of daily activities. That’s not the case of Rich East. He quit his job and sold his belongings to travel with his cat Willow. Rich and Willow have enjoyed beautiful sights across Australia for two and a half years.

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Rich woke up with the idea to quit his job and sell everything.

Willow is a rescue cat, and has traveled more than 50,000 kilometers across the country. They have been traveling in a campervan since Rich left his home in Hobart, Tasmania.

Willow is actually living her best cat life.

The duo has reached South Australia and the cat has visited 6 states and 2 territories of Australia. They sailed the Great Barrier Reef and camped on mountains in Burketown, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Some said his adventure is peculiar. But Willow has nothing to complain about and she has a tracker. The cat is usually on a collar and enjoys her time on the camp.