Stop and Shop in Bay Terrace

Stop and Shop Bay Terrace is located at 213-15 26th Ave, Bayside, NY. It’s near a parking lot, and you just have to walk a bit. It is open 7 days a week, operating from 6 am to 12 am.

Overall this supermarket is nice. It has tons of options, fresh product, and is spacious. Two good sized carts can pass each other in an aisle.

Clean, well stocked with just about everything you want food related, it’s in a very crowded shopping center but well worth it. Stop and Shop Bay Terrace has a friendly, professional and helpful staff. However, there are some complaints about some employees that are not good.

There are often occasions for the discount, you should refer to the flyer before come to save on shopping costs. It sells a variety of fresh foods. However, some tips for carefully selecting fresh foods are essential

Map for Stop and Shop Bay Terrace

P/S: Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, known as Stop & Shop, is a chain of supermarkets/stores located in the northeastern United States. From its beginnings in 1892 as a small grocery store, it has grown to include 422 stores chain-wide upon completion of the purchase of 25 former A&P stores

Stop & Shop has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch supermarket operator Koninklijke Ahold N.V. since 1995 and has been part of the Stop & Shop/Giant-Landover division since a 2004 merger with sister chain Giant. Stop and Shop’s parent company, Royal Ahold, announced on June 24, 2015, that it will be merging with Delhaize Group, primarily a grocery store conglomerate including U.S. grocery chains Hannaford and Food Lion. (Source: