Backpacker Save The Life Of A Drowned Puppy

The name of this guy is Hoang Minh (in Vietnam), he’s a backpacker. While fishing, he meets and saved a drowned puppy. With the perseverance and ingenuity of this guy, the dog was revived. The touching story of tireless efforts makes many people admire.

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In the clip handed down by the netizens, Hoang Minh performed quite methodical movements, mastered for 7 minutes in a row. He wiped the dog dry so that he could not get cold, clean his mouth to remove the object if he had it, upside down the dog and massage the abdomen to push water out.
Minh used a plastic bottle to cut the bottom to breathe. Now the dog had a stronger breathing response.
Seeing the positive signal, he continued his efforts to warm and massage. At the end, viewers were relieved: the small dog with the fur was still wet, his body trembled with cold but was able to stand up and walk.

 save the life of a drowned puppy

 save the life of a drowned puppy