Oasis Inn Hotel in San Fran – Things you need to know

Oasis Inn San Fran is a refuge and resting place for tourists and business travelers. Although a medium hotel, Oasis Inn is close to the most famous attractions of San Francisco.

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Oasis Inn San Fran Hotel

The Oasis Inn San Francisco is conveniently in the heart of the city. From the Oasis Inn, you can walk to Davies Symphony Hall, Civic Center, and the San Fransisco Opera House. Alternatively, you can also walk to Victorian houses at Alamo Place.

If you are a shopaholic, you can use public transportation just a block away from the Oasis Inn. From here you can easily reach Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 or Union Square.

Oasis Inn San Fran

Oasis inn san fransisco

Famous landmarks you can visit within a radius of 5km from the Oasis Inn Hotel San Francisco as Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown. If you drive your own car, there is free covered parking, but it is sometimes difficult to find a vacant space.

Oasis Inn San Fran has an interesting sundeck, surrounded by small green trees. You can relax comfortably after tired journeys

Rooms at the Oasis Inn are relatively spacious. You can choose between 2 large beds or 1 King bed. WiFi and Netflix TV services are free

Oasis Inn

Overall, reception staff at the Oasis Inn work 24 hours a day, but the attitude is not really friendly. They can help customers in booking restaurants, providing information about tours

For an overview, the Oasis Inn San Fran is pretty good for a popular level with reasonable prices in an expensive place like San Fransisco. The hotel has been under construction for a long time, there are some places in the rooms that are really old, some of the sanitary appliances do not work well.

Oasis Inn San Fran-street

Special note, Oasis Inn hotel is located in the neighborhood with many homeless people. You should be careful every time you go down the street because many of them are harmless, but some are very aggressive.

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