Keeping Fish Aquarium At Home May Increase Happiness?

Keeping Fish Aquarium At Home May Increase Positive Energy?

Aquariums are an excellent way to add a bit of character to a room. They enhance the decor of the room and fish are very low maintenance pets. Children love them and they double up as accessories for the room. Fish also hold a special place in Hindu mythology with Vishnu said to have taken the avatar of Matsya, a fish.

Vastu Shastra, too, places great importance on keeping aquariums at home. The fish are said to be a great source of positive energy. They are also said to repel the negative energy on their owners. Fish can prevent accidents from happening to their owners.

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Aquarium at home may more happy

The sight of colourful and dynamic school of fishes in your aquarium motivates any observer and adds charm to your living. Adding to the beauty are the Feng Shui aquariums. Most apartments in India beautify their rooms by showcasing multi-coloured fishes and aquariums along with decorative accessories. Having a fish aquarium can add up to the elite decoration in your home.

It is believed that the Feng Shui aquariums attract the energy flow for wealth and lavishness. Not just an appealing sight, but the fresh water and colourful fishes soothe the your brain and enhanced your mood. Well, all this seems to be an easy and luxurious job. Feng Shui aquariums should be placed in an appropriate place and taken good care of, in order to develop the flow of energy. This blissful piece can also turn into a potential disaster at times by being shattered. In order to avoid such mishaps one has to be careful about the minute details on how to maintain a Feng Shui aquarium. It is advisable that one should follow Feng Shui tips to maintain an aquarium and have a serene décor. Aquariums are considered as auspicious objects which create harmonious wealth attracting factors.

However, when installing an aquarium, one needs to keep the dos and don’ts in mind to ensure a positive flow of energy and avoid a Vastu Dosha. Northeast corner of a room, preferably the living room, is said to be the ideal location for water-based home décor items, for attracting wealth and prosperity.