Cruelly treating a dog, the man was sentenced to 15 years in prison

It was dubbed the worst case of animal abuse ever. Dog Caitlyn was found with her mouth duct-taped shut – the tape was so hard around her mouth that she was severely injured.

But Caitlyn survived. Furthermore, the whole world heard her story and stood by her side.

Lawyer Ted Corvey was determined that the person who had abused her would get the toughest punishment possible.

Justice for Caitlyn the dog
Source: Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

The tape was fastened so tightly that the blood flow to her tongue had stopped.

”This is the most serious case of animal abuse I’ve seen throughout my career,” Aldwin Roman, director of outreach at Charleston Animal Society, said when Caitlyn first arrived

Caitlyn was in so much pain that she couldn’t eat or drink. At first staff at the centre weren’t sure if she’d survive her injuries, since the huge number of dead nerves could have had serious complications. Caitlyn endured several operations to save her tongue and mouth.

Luckily, it all ended well for Caitlyn, and today she’s thriving. She’s also become a celebrity. She’s been honored by People Magazine who announced that she had the best survival story of 2015.

The scars left by the tape are still visible, but thankfully she’s no longer in pain. She’s been adopted by a loving family who give her everything she needs.

Source: Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

And the story doesn’t end there!

For two long years, lawyer Ted Corvey has fought to get justice for Caitlyn. He was determined that the man who hurt her would receive the highest possible sentence for animal abuse.

In March 2017 he finally succeeded. The 41 year old man was sentenced to 5 years in prison, which he will serve at the same time as a 15 year sentence he received due to a different offense.

“I think this sends a message that … we’re not going to let this stuff slide anymore,” Aldwin Roman tells Post and Courier and continues:

“We’re going to do everything we can within the law to stop this, and then we’re going to go beyond and change our laws and make them stronger.”

Source: Charleston Animal Society

It’s completely right that anyone who abuses animals should receive a tough sentence! Share this story if you also think we should have harder sentences for animal abusers.