Christopher Robin film is banned in China, why?

Officials in China decided not to screen Disney’s Christopher Robin: Winnie the Pooh

Why is Christopher Robin film banned in China?

There is no official reason, but this is thought to be part of a nationwide campaign to control comments on animated children’s favorite characters.

Chinese authorities have blocked images of Pooh bears on social networking since last year (2017). After AA Milne’s bear became a political dissident symbol.

That happened after the Chinese leader was compared to the Pooh bear.

This comparison begins in 2013 when Mr. Xi Jinping’s image alongside President Barack Obama is posted on the internet. Interestingly, the picture was paired with a Pooh bear image next to the Tigger

Reason china banned christopher robin film

Then, in 2014, a photo of him is shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shared on the internet. Interestingly, this picture is placed next to Pooh bear with Eeyore

why is Christopher Robin film banned in China

After these comparative images became ‘hot’ on the Web, China began blocking images, GIFs and all commentary on the Pooh bear.

In 2015, a collage of Mr. Xi Jinping in a “race car” with Pooh bears in a toy car. This photo was named “China’s most censored image” by Global Risk Insights.

In June 2018, China censored British comedian John Oliver and the HBO website after the actor had a critique about Mr. Xi and China on Last Week Tonight’s US filming. In this program, John Oliver also talked about how Xi was very sensitive when is compared to Pooh bears.

China's most censored image
China’s most censored image (Source: internet)

Global Risk Insights says the censorship of Pooh bears may be because Beijing views the comparison of the president with the bear as “a serious attempt” to undermine the reputation of the president’s office and himself.

The Hollywood Reporter thinks that China has an annual quota of foreign films – now 34 films. And the Chinese market will probably be more interested in other films.

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time animated movie was not shown in China earlier this year. But the films as Skyscraper, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Ant-Man và The Wasp, will be shown this year.

Christopher Robin is an action movie starring Ewan McGregor. The main content of the film is the story Robin boy, now grown up, meet again Winnie the Pooh, bear-like honey, and find his vivid imagination.

(Source: BBC)