Top 15 best Asian countries to visit

Asia is known as the largest continent, with the largest number of ethnic groups and religions in the world. Therefore, Asian travel attracts many visits every year. This article will help learn about the best Asian countries to visit once in your life

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Indonesia Best places to visit in Asia

Formed from more than 17,000 islands, finding a few beautiful beaches in Indonesia is extremely simple for visitors. Therefore, the country has many marine resorts with the best beaches in Asia


The island’s famous scenic attractions include the fishing villages, Dieng plateau in central Java with its multi-colored lake and the Hindu temple. Sumatra’s Maninjau lake in the west and Komodo Island (the living place of the famous Komodo dragon). And do not forget Bali with its famous stairs and beautiful beach.

BhutanOne of the best Asian countries to visit

The tiny and beautiful Bhutanese kingdom is surrounded by the pinnacles of the Himalayas. The architecture here is extremely impressive with the buildings perfectly built on rocky cliffs. This is one of the best places to visit in Asia. Great attractions include the Paro valley with its red-roofed temples. From Paro, you can drive 2 hours to Chelala Pass, or visit the Chockor Valley and see the pilgrimage sites along the way.



China is a large country in Asia and the most populous in the world. There are beautiful landscapes all over the country. So it is always the top candidate on the list of the best Asian countries to visit. From the northeast, where the Great Wall of China winds through the mountain around Beijing to the colorful terraced fields and beautiful ethnic minority villages of Yunnan Province. You can also drop yourself on the Li River to admire the limestone mountains, cross the Yangtze River through the Three Gorges or through the beautiful valley as a dream of Jiuzhalgou in Sichuan.

Best asian countries to visit - Chine Travel


Iran is emerging as a hot spot for tourism. Because the country has many beautiful mosques and ancient palaces. It is always on the list of best places to visit in Asia. Iran also has many beautiful natural gardens including the Eram Garden in Shiraz, with the pool reflecting the sky as a mirror. Do not forget to visit the Maranjab desert, where every twilight is truly brilliant and sparkling.



The Philippines has the best beaches in Asia and is in the top of the world. Like Indonesia, this country is made up of 7,101 islands. It deserves to be the best places to travel in Asia. There are many unspoiled beaches to explore. Sunset is a good time to wonder the beaches when the horizons of beautiful colors and fishing boats intertwine the immense sea.


VietnamBest places to visit in Southeast Asia

The country has many beautiful natural attractions. The famous places such as Ha Long Bay, Son Doong cave – the world’s largest cave. You will have a great experience when exploring Son Doong cave, or boating in the Trang An eco-tourism area. Sapa Mountains with many beautiful landscapes. You can take a boat ride on the Mekong River to see the colorful floating markets.

Halong Bay, Son Doong Cave, Trang An Ecological Tourist area are famous natural landmarks that were looked at in the Kong film (Skull Island)



As one of the richest, modern and most developed countries in the world. Besides, Japan is also one of the best Asian countries to visit. When traveling to Japan, you should visit the Geisha’s land and Mount Fuji. Spring is the best time to visit the Sun’s country when millions of cherry blossoms bloom everywhere. The mountains and ancient temples also give to the beauty of Japan.



It is one of the countries in East Asia along with Japan. So the cultures of these two countries have many similarities. The most famous tourist destination in Korea is Jeju Island. The island is known as “Hawaii of Korea”, famous for its beautiful natural scenery, including waterfalls, white sands, clear blue water. There is also a “Sleeping” volcano in the central part of the island.



Thailand is one of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia. In this country, visitors can find countless attractions, beautiful nature, charming beaches, friendly people, charming cuisine … Many visitors to Thailand want to stay long or plan to return to this wonderful land.


The country has beaches with fine white sand and beautiful blue waters. In addition, Malaysia has tropical forests with extremely rich and diverse vegetation. If you want to see the historic buildings, visit A Famosa, the old castle in Malacca. And if you want to enjoy the green space you go to Cameron Highlands, where there are large tea plantations.


The jungles, coffee plantations, mystical Taj Majal temple in the moonlight … all these places have contributed to making India one of the best Asian countries to visit. This Asian country may have high population density and many poor people, but it is a country rich in natural beauty and traditional culture.


Nepal is considered one of the most beautiful countries on earth. So it is always on the list of nominations of the best Asian countries to visit. Because of its place in the Himalayas, Nepal offers majestic mountain scenery, from snow-capped peaks to lush valleys. You will be fascinated with the rich natural landscape here, from the beautiful waterfalls to the fertile forest, with biodiversity.

Places in asia to visit-Nepal


Oman is considered one of the most beautiful countries on the Arabian Peninsula. The Omani Islamic Kingdom, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, has beautiful views of the sea. Inland, this land has desert, mountains, fishing villages, towns. The ancient temples sparkle in the sunshine, interspersed with many green trees make Oman become a very attractive destination for visitors


Armenia is a unique country in Asia. Since 301, Armenia has become the first nation in the world to accept Christianity as the state religion. So, you will find beautiful churches with beautiful architecture in this country. The scenery here is amazing, especially the Armenian plateau, in the Alps and the Himalayas. Across Armenia, you will find countless waterfalls, rivers, streams, mountains, valleys, lush forests and many other beautiful sights.


Jordan has welcomed many visitors for centuries with its ancient locations, friendly towns and impressive natural landscapes in the desert. Wandering at sunset to watch the sandstone and the red sand dunes is a very pleasant experience for visitors.

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