10 Unique Aquarium Setup At Home That Will Unbelievable

The aquarium itself can be creatively aquascaped into beautiful environments that not just only make your fishes happy but also serve as an amazing home decor.

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They are highly customizable and there are some folks out there that totally nailed it. They make a tiny garden landscape out of it. There’s trees and mini houses. It’s just beautiful! But we’ll leave that for another post. As for now, we will be checking out how some of these house owners totally changed the idea of in-house unique aquarium once and for all. Rather than standing out as an individual piece in the living room, some of these aquariums are integrated as part of the house! There’s also other setup that you’ve probably never thought of.

1. Stair Compartment Aquarium

This is one great example in integrating aquarium as part of the house. It’s a stair compartment with aquarium! The top counter can make a nice space for you to place some decorative ornaments as well! Don’t be surprised if the stairs are jammed because they’ll be surrounded with crowds!

2. Unique Aquarium Dog House

Make your dog’s day by letting him/her experience the feel of visiting an aquarium tunnel! This dog house is also an aquarium! Designed for small dogs, this aquarium has an arc beneath it where your little pooch can take a nap while being surrounded by friendly fishes. It’s gonna be a truly eye-opening experience for your dog!

3. Retro Mid-century Danish Design Fish Tank Terrarium Coffee Table

4. Repurposed Vintage TV Aquarium

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. That famous phrase is truly depicted in this beautiful upcycled creation of an aquarium from a vintage TV box. Why have a normal glass aquarium when you can have one in a TV right? Making this one is probably easier than you think. You have to find an unique aquarium with the right size that fits the old TV box. Some modifications may need to be done to the box so that it would fit the aquarium perfectly.

5. Piano Fish Tank

Love music and fishes at the same time? This one is made for you! It’s an old piano upcycled into a table. The aquarium can be placed on top of it just like a normal table. It sure looks impressive and makes a magnificent display of your aquascape.

6. Kitchen Counter Aquarium

To some, kitchen can be a very hectic and stressful place especially in Hell’s Kitchen. It is always essential to have ways to destress and just take a good time to calm the nerves. With this ginormous fish tank that becomes part of the kitchen, you can cook and feel relaxed at the same time to the sight of nature and lively fishes!

7. Clock Aquarium

It’s a combination of an aquarium and a grandfather clock! Whenever you wanna take a look at the time you’ll probably look a little longer. That’s because there’s a beautiful view of aquarium under it. It’s probably there’s a time where someone decided that the body of the grandfather clock should have an aquarium. The sight of lively fishes swimming around looks much more better than a metal pendulum rocking back and forth!

8. Aquarium Bed Header

Fall asleep with the view of swimming fishes under this amazingly huge bed header. It’s a giant aquarium with an arc right in the center that fits the bed perfectly. Just lay down, relax and enjoy the view. You’ll fall asleep in no time!

9. Aquarium Sink

Why have just a normal sink when you can have a spectacular fish tank that also works as a sink? At some point, someone just figured that we need to have more nature inside the house. So, someone created a unique fish tank right at the spot where we’re supposed to wash our hands. Pros – we probably will wash our hands longer. Cons – we will use more water? Either way, it’s a very unusual way to integrate aquarium into the basic furniture in our abode.

10. Aquarium Wall

This wall is modified to have an aquarium on top of it. There’s shelves at the bottom where you can put normal stuffs such as books, ornaments and shampoo bottles. As for the top, there’s an aquarium fixed on it. What’s amazing about it is that the width of the aquarium fits exactly to the size of the wall. This makes up a unique part of the house that also doubles as a wall.